The Everlasting Gates

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My Lord, you have revealed your will to me. You have shown me to the rooms, these chambers that you have set in a lofty place. You have enclosed these rooms with tall walls and high ceilings, so much so that they seem to be soaring into infinity itself. A light glows in the heights of these stone walls in blue and white hues, illuminating your ineffable nature. It glows without a flicker, much like the light of day. I stroll from one room to another, passing through the short passageways that connect them. And my Lord, I stroll slowly- as slowly as I could. Just as you have promised me in the the songs of old, angels and children come my way and begin to walk in my company. The faithful ones, dressed in brown robes, also join me in this humble procession. Although we are human, we do not gaze at each other; our eyes are instead fixed on the lights that surround us. The brightest of these lights, my Lord, you have set in the room in front of us. It is as white as cadmium, as white as the sun. It protrudes toward us in blades- sharp rays that pierce the pupils of our eyes. But my Lord, I feel no pain; I only feel joy, for you have brought us to this lofty place.

Even in this joy, Lord, I yearn for an answer: will we ever reach this room before us? Although its entryway is but a few feet away from us, I do not know what lies beyond. The bright light, my Lord, impedes my vision. I wish to bring myself into the midst of the shining, but I cannot. These brothers and sisters next to me, why are they brought to a standstill too? I know, my God, that it is my purpose to enter into this room- the very reason for which I was made. Still, I cannot seem to bring myself any closer. Will I ever take another step forward? My Lord, have mercy on me. Carry me into the light, so that my joy may be made perfect. Do not forsake me.

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