That which Is

Posted by on Feb 15, 2016 in The Superessential Reality | One Comment

Save me, Lord, for I am weak. Save me, Lord, for the world yearns for my death. Like a boulder, Lord, I will be cast into the sea. Please, Lord, have mercy on me. In your absence, I have been thrown out for the carrion-birds of the Earth and of time.

Lord, do not be far from me; let your kingdom be at hand. The kingdoms of the age have surrounded me, and they are determined to gouge out my eyes. My Lord, my Lord, these eyes you have given me allow me to see the things that my own eyes cannot see, to perceive light that my flesh cannot perceive. Do not let me relinquish them to this world. Help me, Lord, for even my own hands rise up against me. I am anxious, my Lord, to flee to you. Minute by minute, I seek for an opportunity to escape my captors. I am ever watchful, Lord, so that I may sneak away from the confines of this stone cell. Lord, when will the heavens be my ceiling again, and the mountains my walls? Lord, take me away from these heavens, which will fall to earth, and these mountains, which will crumble into the abyss. Take me, Lord, so that I may be set in the midst of the heavens and mountains that truly are-the heavens of heavens and the mountains of mountains.

The empire marches against me; its legions are named Man, its prince Death. They have hidden themselves in their own heavens and their own mountains, ready to blot out the sun with their arrows. From the skies, my Lord, I can hear their drums beating. From the hills, Lord, I can hear them chanting in their plaintive strain. What am I to do now, Lord? What can I do other than to turn to you in my desperation? Lord, will you become my salvation? Do not forsake me.

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  1. Pedro Enamorado
    February 18, 2016

    Really moving piece. It has so much yearning and sorrow without ignoring the reality of hope and deliverance.


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